Reimagined vintage and antique furniture.


Hi Everyone!

Here is a little about my story… by accident, I discovered a hidden passion for refinishing furniture and of course (due to my personality) I dove right in and became totally obsessed.  It all started when I bought a refinished piece of furniture.  When I brought it home, I realized (in better lighting) that it was quickly painted and dirty inside.  I decided to strip it and make it beautiful (and clean) again.  I then started getting lost in projects for hours and loving every step of the process.  That is when I realized how much fun and rewarding refinishing a piece of old furniture could be….and my addiction for refinishing and re-purposing furniture was born!

I knew I was in serious trouble with my first trip to a flea market.  I remember waking up at 5 am on a Sunday and driving an hour to get there.  The sight of all the antique and vintage items as I drove into the market made my heart beat faster.  I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough!  I was like a giddy kid walking (okay, more like jogging) through each booth.  I still wake up at 5 am every Sunday and that giddy feeling still exists each time I pull into the flea market.  It’s the challenge of the hunt, the bargaining, chatting with the dealers, picking their brains, and learning from them.  I love the process from finding the right piece all the way to the completed product.  It became my passion instantly!

So, with my furniture projects growing and no proper storage space or work space of my own, my extremely supportive husband transformed our shed into a workshop for me one Mother’s Day.  It was the best present ever!!  Not too many girls say they want a workshop for a gift, but to me it was the most thoughtful idea.  My husband has been supportive and a great resource to bounce project ideas off of.  Also, he is handy which works out great when I need some guidance to complete a piece.  I appreciate him supporting me with this next step to create a website and begin selling…that is if he will let some of my pieces go (he has claimed too many for our house which is now beginning to look a bit like a showroom).

To my friends and family that have endured endless stories of my projects and flea market adventures…thank you for listening.  You all have been very supportive and encouraging.

I hope you enjoy my site and most of all come to enjoy some of these pieces for yourself.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.