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Accent Table

Accent Table

I picked up this little accent table thinking it would work beautifully at the end of a hallway or placed in an entrance way.

Here is the before picture…


And the after picture…

after_front view

I love the detail on the legs of this table.  Plus, the detail is repeated on all three legs, so you can enjoy it from different viewpoints.

Here are the steps on how I transformed this piece…

before_full view

before_top view

I started this project by sanding the top of the table all the way down to bare wood using 60 grit sandpaper.  Then I used very fine sandpaper to smooth it out.

Next, I lightly sanded the legs before priming it.  I chose a light cream colored Sherwin Williams paint for the legs.  I then distressed the legs of the table using coarse sandpaper.  After a lot of distressing, I completed the distressing with very fine sandpaper.

Three coats of stain were applied to the tabletop.  To give the legs an antique look, I made a mixture of stain and gloss and applied a thin coat of the mixture to the legs.  I like this step since it enhances the color of the natural wood, which shows through as a result of the distressing.  I also like the changes that it makes to the paint color.  The stain/gloss mixture darkens the paint color and gives the piece an aged, worn appearance like it was painted decades ago!

To preserve the beauty of this piece, I applied two coats of satin finish poly to the entire table.

Sorry that I don’t have pictures throughout the project.  But, here are more pictures of the finished project…

after front_tall



This distressed accent table has been SOLD.  I appreciate the sale!