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Vintage Accent Table for Silent Auction

Vintage Accent Table for Silent Auction

I am very excited to be able to contribute to this year’s Kids Who Care silent auction taking place on December 17, 2014.

Here is the before picture of the table that I am donating:

accent table with drawer_before



Here is the completed vintage accent table that will be part of the silent auction:

Front view_after picture

Here’s how I refinished this vintage table, giving it a rustic, shabby chic look…


The Prep Work

Refinishing furniture is more than just painting. It starts with sanding down the piece, sometimes that means to the bare wood. For this piece, that included three parts: the drawer, the top, and the bottom shelf.   This piece had a lot of  embedded stains in the wood. The sanding took a lot of time, sandpaper, and energy. When the dust is flying it is dirty work, but the end result is a clean and amazing finish. Well worth the time and effort!

rough start

The legs of the table were sanded to remove most of the paint that was previously there and to create a smooth surface.



Before applying the stain, the stained sections were sanded using fine-grade sandpaper. This step removes any imperfections caused by the coarse-grade sandpaper used to remove the old stain. Once cleaned using the Tack Cloth, the table was stained using three coats of a dark stain color.




refinished top

The Painting


I always prime my furniture using a dark primer from Sherwin Williams. I love the color of the primer when the painted wood is distressed.   The primer color helps achieve the aged appearance.



Working outside with my biggest fan is always the best part of completing a piece…

painting with dog

For the paint color, it was a toss up between an off-white and a blue-gray color. Knowing that this piece was going to be auctioned, I went to Facebook for some feedback from my friends and co-workers. Blue-gray color won by a landslide…my favorite! So blue-gray it was painted.




Bring on the Personality!


In my opinion, the distressing gives the piece its personality. Since the legs on this table have lots of beautiful curved detail, I focus on distressing the outer parts of the curves. The insets of the detail would have been protected from the natural wear and tear over time.  Medium and then fine-grade sandpaper were used to remove the paint causing the distressed look that I love.


Adding Decades of Age


To add decades to this piece, I applied a tinned wax over the painted surfaces. Waxing painted surfaces is a three-step process. The clear wax is applied first to protect the paint. The tinted wax is then applied over the clear wax. When applying tinted wax over the clear wax, the tinted wax can then be manipulated to attain the correct amount of color and achieve the desired look.   When applying the tinted wax, I made sure to hit the insets of the detailed legs.  To complete the finishing process, a final coat of clear wax was applied over the tinted wax.




Sealing the Stained Wood

To seal and protect the stained sections of the table, two coats of clear wax was applied.

Front view_after picture

This  vintage accent table will be part of the Kids Who Care silent auction happening at CMS on Wednesday, December 17th.

(Kid’s Who Care is made up of a group of caring students and teachers that, over the last 8 years, have teamed up with Buxton Oil to help provide heating oil to families in need.)

This finished vintage accent table would be a beautiful addition to your home or it would make a perfect one of a kind Christmas gift for the antique lover on your list!

Thank you Marcy Royce for your generous winning bid during the Kids Who Care silent auction!