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Matching Pair of Antique Dressers

Matching Pair of Antique Dressers

I jumped on these dressers when I saw that they were a matching pair.  I haven’t come across any that are a set.

Here is a before picture of the matching pair of antique dressers:

matching pair of antique dressers

Here are the after pictures of the refinished matching pair of antique dressers:



These dressers make a beautiful set.

Here is how they were refinished:

The Drawers

I take time to refinish the drawers of all of my pieces.  In my opinion, a completed piece includes making the outside look beautiful along with making the inside beautiful and clean too.

Here is a before of the inside of the drawers:

inside_before stain

They didn’t look too bad after decades of use.  It was a relief that I didn’t have to sand away layers of dirt and grim as if the dresser was used as a workbench…believe me, I’ve encountered that chore too many times.

Each drawer was sanded down to remove any remaining poly and to remove the stain.  The insides of the drawers are completed as well as the outside of the drawers.  To complete the sanding, I used fine-grade sandpaper (since they weren’t too bad).  I then applied two coats of a dark walnut stain.


  To seal the wood, two coats of polyurethane were applied.

Here is the end result:

bWhen you pull out the drawers, the outside should look pretty too!

Fresh comes to mind when I view the drawers.  It takes many hours and more work to refinish the drawers, but they are both beautiful and clean.  You can bring this dresser home and immediately store your clothes without any work on your part.

Another picture of the inside of the drawers… because I love the look so much!

a2 inside of drawers

The Top of the Dresser


I sanded the top of the dresser down to the bare wood.  Not too easy on the arms, but worth the effort.  I imagined the dark stained top with the contrast of the yellow paint would be amazing.

Here is the before picture of the top of the dresser:


Sanding down through the poly and to the bare wood takes a lot of time, sandpaper, and patience.  Well worth the effort in the end.  I started with a medium- grade sandpaper to remove the old poly and stain, and I progressed down to a fine-grade and completed the sanding with a very-fine grade sandpaper.

sanded top

Look at the beautiful wood hidden under all that old stain and poly!

Three coats of stain and three coats of poly and an amazing top was created.  Can you believe this is the top of an antique dresser!

 a3 refinished top

Look at the shine…you can almost see your reflection.

Refinishing the Dresser

To begin the finish on the dresser, I used the palm sander with medium-grade sandpaper to remove all the poly and most of the stain.

Once wiped down to remove the dust, the dressers were primed using dark Sherwin Williams primer.



Then the dressers were painted with two coats of a beautiful yellow Sherwin Williams paint.  To achieve the distressed appearance, the dressers were sanded using a palm sander with fine-grade sand paper.  To complete the dresser with an aged finish, a series of three coats of wax was applied alternating clear wax, tinted wax, and a top coat of clear wax.





These two refinished antique dressers have been SOLD.  Thank you for the sale.