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Refinished Vintage Dresser from 1933

Refinished Vintage Dresser from 1933

I went to the flea market hunting for items to decorate my furniture, but I ended up bring home yet ANOTHER dresser.  How could I resist when the dresser is this beautiful.

Here is the before picture of this vintage dresser…

before_1933 dresser

The after picture of the refinished vintage dresser from 1933…


Here is how this vintage 1933 dresser was refinished…

The Drawers


Thankfully, most of the drawers were in good condition. The top drawer needed the most TLC.


To refinish the inside of the drawers, they were cleaned, sanded, stained, and sealed with two coats of polyurethane.

The greatest complement was from my husband when he said the drawers looked like they are brand new.


To Distress the Dresser


The outside of the dresser, mirror, and frame were lightly sanded using fine-grained sandpaper.


First, the dresser was wiped down with both a clean cloth and a tack cloth (to remove all excess dust). Then the dresser was primed with a dark Sherwin Williams primer.


Two coats of a beautiful yellow (Sherwin Williams) paint was applied to the dresser.


Once the paint was fully dried, I distressed the dresser mostly by hand using medium-grade sandpaper.

The completed refinished dresser is so amazing.  I love the color of this dresser.  The color works beautifully with the style of this dresser.

Here are some after pictures of the refinished dresser from 1933…

Dated sticker











This gorgeous 1933 refinished vintage dresser is  SOLD.