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Refinished Vintage Sewing Cabinet

Refinished Vintage Sewing Cabinet


I love the look of this vintage sewing cabinet. The pulls on it are one of my favorite styles.  It was a fun surprise when I opened the bottom draw and found the swivel storage cabinet.

Here is a before picture of the vintage sewing cabinet…

sewing cabinet_before



swivel drawer

Here is the vintage sewing cabinet refinished…


Here is how I refinished this vintage sewing cabinet…

The Drawers:

Most of the time the drawers are a mess when I buy the piece.  Unfortunately, this sewing cabinet was no exception.

inside drawer_before

The drawer was sanded, cleaned, stained, and then sealed with polyurethane.

They look amazing again (like new).  I love the furniture to have the worn, antique look but with clean, fresh drawers.

The swivel storage below was cleaned with lemon oil and sealed with a coat of wax.

Painting the Sewing Cabinet:

The outside of the cabinet was very worn, but not in a good way.

Top view_before

So to get started on refinishing the outside of the cabinet, it was lightly sanded with fine-grade sandpaper.

sanded_sewing cabinet

Before priming, the sewing cabinet was wiped down with a clean cloth.  Then, one final cleaning using a tack cloth to remove excess dust.  Next the sewing cabinet was primed using dark Sherwin Williams primer.


Once the primer is thoroughly dried, the cabinet was painted with two coats of a blue/green Sherwin Williams paint.


The color is very playful.  You can’t help but smile when you see this piece!

Distressing the Sewing Cabinet:

To distress the sewing cabinet, I used medium-grade sandpaper.  By hand, I sanded down the paint in the areas on the cabinet that would have worn over the years of use.


To further give this cabinet an aged appearance, I applied a tinted wax.  To seal and protect the sewing cabinet, a final coat of wax was applied.

This vintage sewing cabinet is ready to add a pop of color to your room.

Here are some pictures of the refinished vintage sewing cabinet…










This refinished vintage sewing cabinet is SOLD.

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